Sleep Disorders: Dangers, Types and Treatment

                                       Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! What’s up guys and hope you’ve all been well? Thank you all for the support you show always. I appreciate it a lot. My very good friend asked me to write about sleeping disorders and upon further thinking, I realized some friends of mine find it difficult to sleep orContinue reading “Sleep Disorders: Dangers, Types and Treatment”


As an upcoming writer, the need to stay consistent was quite a challenge in my early stages. It is true the euphoria and zeal one gets after starting anything can die out after sometime if care is not taken. I believe what makes one consistent in whatever they do is the passion and determination thatContinue reading “5 WAYS TO STAY CONSISTENT AS AN UPCOMING WRITER”

Did You Know?- The Benefits Of Ginger

Having the knowledge of something gives you the consciousness to use it and get the full results and not abuse it. Micky Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! It’s been quite a long while we came your way with some spicy gist on a “did you know” article but alas here we are. Today’s episode is to seeContinue reading “Did You Know?- The Benefits Of Ginger”

Things You Can Add To Your Bucket List

We are not always priviliged to be in the company of friends or loved ones and in that moment, life doesn’t come to a halt for them to return. Many have relied solely on the company of others and in so doing, the battle of depression never ends, the choosing of wrong relationships has becomeContinue reading “Things You Can Add To Your Bucket List”

Against all Odds

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Today’s post is going to be a short one actually. I started this blog not thinking of the number of countries I could reach. The target was Italy and Ghana but I decided to check today and found out DailyReacts has reached a whooping number of 40 countries *clapping*. It’s quite amazingContinue reading “Against all Odds”

Warm and Attached

Your smile is not just a therapy to my soul. It is a tattooed to my heart and made of sunsets as red as blood. An embroidery of sunflowers decorated in a crimson lace and dreams wrapped around each and every inch of my skin. © Micky Amankwah 2021

Better Days Ahead

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Whats up guys and how’s everything going in this pandemic season which doesn’t want to leave us alone? So I got my first vaccine shot on Wednesday 04/08 around 17:30 ish. It was quite the experience and I actually had my reservations about this vaccine when it was first announced due toContinue reading “Better Days Ahead”

Is It Worth It?

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Todays post may sound a little controversial but try and take in some deep breaths then you will understand it clearly. Coming up with the name ‘MickyReacts’ gives me that kind of free range to talk about everything going on around us. I’m going to react to one of the most cherishedContinue reading “Is It Worth It?”


A sacrifice to be real must cost, must hurt, must empty ourselves. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! It’s been a long while guys and I believe all is well? Was caught up in some undivided attention making it quite a challenge to post some content. Today is an exception as I feelContinue reading “HIS FRIEND, HER CONSISTENCY”

Final moments

Yours is a lonely love; The finest wine to inebriate the heartbut I cannot be the cup chalice that will hold you Oh God i pray that another chalice appears that can embrace that love Though gone, my mind will still wander in our steps and moments Gone for good but not forgotten for good.Continue reading “Final moments”