il legame di ieri

My heart will cling to yours as we embrace ourselves in an everlasting memory

Where the only thing between us will be the breath of life

And the only thing separating us will never be in existence

Interlocking and entangling will keep the flow

©Micky Amankwah 2021

First Date Questions.

Let’s pretend I was never away, let’s act like I kept posting okay. This way I don’t feel I abandoned you guys. Anyway I am really sorry and I should not make any excuses for being away but since we are new every morning, I say we let go of my past issue of abandonment […]

First Date Questions.

The Cycle of bullying

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Howdy guys?  A big thank you and God bless to y’all who’ve been sharing my write-ups, you’re the best!  I’ll acknowledge y’all in the open so just chillax and keep the support flowing. I think I should dedicate one post for a shout-out and that time will come just before you know it☺️…

I write this post with a saddened heart because of what I saw on the internet a few days ago, and I couldn’t understand it at all. It felt surreal but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. This story was about a girl who was bullied by her fellow female friends for reasons my mind couldn’t comprehend. Reason was, she was more brilliant and answered lots of questions in class and they also saw her as “ugly.” This was something that went on daily, both in class and on facebook. The start of this bully was verbal but the straw that broke the camels back for her to commit suicide was when they took it to the next inhumane step, by physically abusing her after school (silly right?). What actually happened was, she was slapped countless times infront of some students and they just stood there to cheer the bullies on. I wish I could attach the video but it’s so heartbreaking to do so.

Bullies are simply people who intimidate others mentally, emotionally, verbally and sometimes physically. Charity they say begins at home is one statement I strongly believe in. Aside some children being influenced by their friends, whether negative or positive, majority of the upbringing of children is what they see and learn at home. How do the parents behave when the kids are around? Do they use foul languages? Is there physical abuse? These are all things children pick up as they grow and it paints a mental image in their minds.

Proverbs 22:6 that, "train up a child the way he should go, and when he grows, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 13:24 " Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them."

One thing is for sure and that is, bullying not only happens in schools. Bullies can be found in every stage of life. In the family, workplace and even on the streets. While it is common for some children who are bullies to learn their lessons and grow out of this behavior, others become adults and continue in the same inappropriate way. God made a very remarkable statement after Cain killed his brother. This was something I was drawn towards by God’s mercies and my new Bible study partner, “sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.” And this was as a result of his anger which took control over his life. Paul told the people in Ephesus that,

 "in your anger, do not sin and do not let the sun go down while you're still angry."

The problem here is, it’s difficult to separate sin from anger that’s why Paul said here in:

Romans 12:18 that, "if it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."

Those who bully tend to prey on those who are weaker than them. They somehow feel intimidated and insecure about how their failures are being exposed and brought to light. We all need to stand against bullies regardless of their age. Having a support group could also be effective and help you not to walk alone (YNWA☺️) and be exposed to bullies. Also, let’s normalize not keeping secrets about bullies to ourselves. It becomes more difficult when it takes longer to open up to a higher authority. Parents in the upbringing of their children must teach them what love is and how they can show love to others, since it’s a word of action. They should as well create a room where kids can easily share their worries from school and elsewhere.

P.S. To acquiesce with bullying can take a toll on you and the effects may damaging

To those who are yet to give birth. You have some years ahead of you to lay your hands on your belly daily to form whatever child you want in prayers. To the guys, your loins will not shoot any bogus sperm😅 (as funny as it may sound, life is spiritual. It’s ok if you don’t believe). No child is a mistake and they are as a result of our negligence or our deliberate actions. Say No to Bullying and educate your children, friends and loved ones to be the best they can be in the society. Rest in Peace dear Lufano and may your soul find rest. Gone but not forgotten.

The Purity Of Kids

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Howdy guys? The pandemic has been one hell of an intruder but let’s know that in Christ Jesus we are more than conquerors. Yesterday, I was on the phone with a friend and she asked me to choose between taking the covid vaccine or taking the covid test because I kept on ranting about how uncomfortable they both are. I was silent for a while and I said “none”😂😂. I have not done any of them but I have heard of how uncomfortable the test is and how people even shed tears. Can you imagine😂?

I don’t have fears but just from looking at this, my bones itch. My question is, if you want to do this, why don’t I blow my nose for you instead😂. That’s much safer and more polite for us all.

Ok that was just btw. so lets focus on today’s post. From the title, I’m pretty sure most of us have already deduced what this post is all about. Kids are the most purest beings and this post is about some kids who were asked to write a letter to God. Though funny, let’s take note of how sincere these kids were and this is how God expects us to approach him. Ponder over each letter and see how detailed they are because God wants us to talk to Him without withholding anything from Him. Enjoy these 15 amazingly funny letters 😂

Shalom guys and I hope this blessed someone and don’t forget to approach the throne of God in all boldness and sincerity.

©Micky Amankwah 2021

The Verdict 3

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! What’s up guys to another episode of the verdict. Thanks to y’all for always reading and sharing. The numbers are amazing and i appreciate y’all. If you haven’t read the The Verdict 2 do check it out. Enjoy the read and share with me your thoughts in the comment section 😉…

The moment the skype meeting connected, Annie looked at her mom and thanked her for the prayers last night. ‘I had this kind of tingly feeling which can’t be explained but I really enjoyed the sleep and for once in a very long while, no thought flooded my mind as I slept.’ As she kept on talking about the peace she had in her sleep, the others were a little bit confused as to what was going on. ‘Which peace are these two talking about? Who did she pray to?’ Annie jokingly asked, ‘Mummy, when were you ordained as Pastor and you didn’t tell us😅?’. ‘Young lady will you keep mute and not bring jokes to the table😏,’ Mr. Nagisa snapped at her. That was when the thoughts of what happened in the shack started flowing into her mind so much that she could only blush and smile inwardly☺️.

‘What did Hinata mean by the things he said? He was so calm and gentle with his words in the sense that I walked close to him even without knowing what I was doing. I have never been the one to get attracted by words but there was something about his words that night which broke all my defense mechanisms (Nami’s defense mechanisms were like the walls of Jericho btw). I’ve always been complimented by guys and I never gave them much attention because their motives were as clear as the skies which made me rubbish their compliments though I knew how beautiful I was. With my well rounded breasts and curvy hips, I knew how tempting that was for some guys that’s why words were meaningless to me but Hinata’s was different.’ ‘I am always happy to see you around Nami, your thoughts and the moments we share together can’t be traded for anything and I’m pretty sure you feel the same as I do. You becoming my friend is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and if I am to choose you again in the afterlife, I will sacrifice anything for that’ (ei Kwame Hinata wo papa da wase😂).

Hinata really poured out his heart that night. He could have even emptied it that night but he needs to walk back home. ‘Oh waaaiiiit a minute, waaiiit a minute😕!! was I feeling all that because of the rumours surrounding that old shack😬?’ Nami was brought back to the moment when she heard her sister say she should have listened to the advice of Franky. As inquisitive and curious as she can be at times, she cut her sister, ‘who is Franky and what did he say🤭?’ With a stern look from Mr Nagisa, Nami laid back and said in her mind, ‘I need not to draw attention to myself because my case is still pending.’ ‘Franky and I have been close friends for the past 12 years and I was never shy of opening up to him. His patience around me couldn’t be compared to that of anyone in my life and he was never too busy to hear me out with my outbursts. Though a Christian who tried so many times to make me join his faith, and me declining so many times never pushed me away. I found that trust and comfort in him because he never took advantage of me but was ready to help me out whenever I needed one.’

Soaking her throw pillow in tears 😭, she took a breather and drunk some water. She needed fresh water in her system to cry some more lol (after all, water is life). She continued, ‘I opened up to Franky about Ben’s abuse even when we were not married.’ Mrs Nagisa didn’t know when she started shedding tears alongside but she just couldn’t believe what she was hearing. ‘Why couldn’t you have told us about what was gong on Annie? Why did you have to hide that part of him from us that whole time? As stubborn as your dad was, he never raised a finger at me and that’s something you know so why couldn’t you tell us as your parents? You know…’ she didn’t finish this statement when Sabrina wrapped her hands around her mom as she broke down in a second wave of premium tears😩. ‘He always promised to never repeat it again and always compensated with gifts which he knew was my weak spot🤦🏽‍♀️. He just knew how to take advantage of that side of me. I always convinced myself that things will change (We can’t just take the place of the Holy Spirit). I told him about Ben’s lust for other women and how he became so defensive anaytime I tried to stand up for myself. He told me to walk out off that relationship but I always thought it was because he liked me that was why he told me to walk away🙄. Though the red flags were right in front of me, I decided to wave them instead.’ They all laughed because that was a silly joke😂. ‘I remember when he said we ladies are always fixated on something when we are in love so much that God Himself will have a hard time convincing us. With that behaviour of his, it will only intesify and magnify when you two get married🤷🏾‍♂️.’

I just should have listened to him. I really should have lisened to him that day😢. Now look what has become of me, a daily punching bag. Mr Nagisa was quiet throughut and when asked why he was silent, he lifted his eyes from the ground and his ex wife could see the the burning anger in his eyes😠 though he was acting all calm. ‘Don’t even try to do anything silly Mr Nagisa. Let’s think this through together and come up with a solution that will help our daughter.’ She was actually the only one who could actually read the aura surrounding her ex husband whiles her sense screamed, ‘incoming danger😨!!!!’ ‘will you guys excuse me for a moment!’ Immediately, he left the room but Mrs Nagisa screamed at the children to try and stop their dad from going out because something bad might happen😯…

What exactly is Mr. Nagisa planning and why did Annie not accept the proposal of Franky though he appeared to be a better person?

©Micky Amankwah 2021

“wo papa da wase” – Your dad thanks you


The Verdict 2

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Howdy guys and how’s everything going? Thank you for the support always. Sorry for the late post. Something beyond my editor and I came up. It was basically my fault though🤒… Enjoy the second part part of The Verdict🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

If you missed the first part, check it out The Verdict 1

‘You’re looking so beautiful my dear!’ were the words that came out of Mrs Nagisa’s mouth as she hugged Annie who was getting ready for the wonderful occasion they took weeks to set up. It was one of the occasions ladies don’t joke and dilly dally around at all😬. With a smile, she hugged her mom and said, ‘thank you for giving birth to a beautiful woman like myself.’ As Mrs Nagisa dug up these memories from her archives, she wondered to herself what might have gone wrong. ‘Ben appeared to be a nice and responsible man who knew what he was about’ she thought to herself for a while. Not knowing exactly what to say to calm her daughter down amidst the tears and confusion, she made this statement out of the blue to their amazement. ‘Let’s pray my dear.’ Prayer wasn’t something they believed or knew how to do.

Mrs Nagisa certainly knew she couldn’t solve this problem with money and that only God could calm her down and give her the peace she needed for that night (Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.- Philippians 4:7). The mind has a really funny way of reminding you about God’s existence in difficult and trying times. A public vehicle sways off its lane and only then will you hear people shouting the name of Jesus when the journey may not have even started with him😂😂.

Although hesitant, Annie had no choice but to agree to the prayer request of her mother. ‘Mummy are you sure about this?’ ‘Can you please keep quiet for a minute?’ Mrs.Nagisa called her out! Before the prayer commenced, she had deep thoughts inwardly not knowing what to say or ask God. ‘Mummy can you please hurry up, please🤦🏽‍♀️!!!!’ ‘Just shut up already Annie and let me think of what to say to God ok!! We are in a bind here and I need to be circumspect and specific as to what to say so I’d appreciate if you keep quiet and allow me to think.’ Mrs. Nagisa started with, ‘Good morning God, eerrrm please are you here ? Please help my daughter find peace tonight and please calm her down as she sleeps, thank you.’ Annie smiled as her mom concluded the prayers and they both said their goodbyes.

Surprisingly, Annie had a sound and peaceful sleep, with Ben not being around to argue with her as they usually did every night and mom’s prayers kicked in steadily. Mr and Mrs Nagisa stayed up throughout the night talking about how Ben and Annie were all lovey dovey before they got married. They even talked about numerous times when Ben surprised the family with groceries reducing the stress of Mrs Nagisa. But for their daughter’s situation,  Mr and Mrs Nagisa had not spoken like this in a long while but there seemed to be this reconnection, sort of. ‘Can you imagine Nami sneaked out last night and is still not back home?’ ‘Which Nami are you talking about🙄? My cute, little innocent Nami or there’s another Nami somewhere that I don’t know about, Mrs Nagisa asked?

‘Hmmmm, your daughter went out last night and I have been trying to reach her but she hasn’t been picking up her phone… Oh her message just came through.’ ‘What did she say?’ Daddy please I will be home soon, I went to visit Robin and I lost track of time…’ Mr Nagisa refused to reply and didn’t want to sound angry at mummy’s little pet, lol. ‘Now that we know where Nami is, let’s not worry so much about her and focus on the lady upstairs. What is the way forward now and do you really think she’s serious about what she told you about quitting the marriage? To be honest, if that’s what she wants, I am in full support. You can’t hit my daughter and expect me to smile and accept you back with an apology. No way!’ ‘Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and draw any conclusions yet, Mrs. Nagisa said. Let her wake up first so we hear what she has to say. She had so many things on her mind that’s why she must have said that.’ ‘Ok if you say so. By the way, you are looking as beautiful as ever, Nagi.’ Mr. Nagisa complimented. The convo ended with a blush☺️ on Mrs Nagisa’s face and she literally acted like she heard nothing.

Not long after, Nami found herself standing in front of her dad’s bed trying to cook up stories that couldn’t add up. The holes were too big to fill so her dad just told her to go to bed and expect a family meeting later in the morning. Nami left the room wondering what was going to be discussed about her with her mom even being involved. To her surprise, she found her sister comfortably sleeping in her bed. Though confused, she was too tired to engage in another conversation so she quietly lay beside her sister and slept. Later that day, after everyone had freshened up, they had a skype meeting with everyone present for the first time after the separation of the couple. Strangely, some situations have a way of bringing people together. After exchanging pleasantries, Mr Nagisa asked Annie “what happened between you and your husband?”. The other kids were confused as to what had happened and were so eager to hear what she had to say. Crying😭😭 like a baby, she remembered all that had happened in the past. ‘Before I say anything, I really should have listened to Franky when he advised me about getting married to Ben.’ At this moment, they were all in a state of confusion😕.’ What exactly did you two discuss that we didn’t know anything about? They all thought to themselves……

©Micky Amankwah 2021

Editor In Chief – Mimi

Read The Verdict 3

The Verdict

It was on the night of the full moon when Nami secretly smuggled herself to meet Hinata in an old shack in the neighborhood. The two have been friends for 2yrs and meeting each other was always challenging
due to the different schools they attended. Madonna and Pentecost school has that kind of rivalry ish between them and having just a friend from either of these schools was a big deal charley. They managed to keep things between them pretty well without anyone noticing. They both had a thing for each other but assumptions had no real place in Nami’s life so she wanted to hear it from Hinata’s mouth. That night, Hinata was going to confess whatever he felt for this girl. It actually took him a year to gather this Joshua courage to even meet up with her that night. Standing in front of him was the ever-beautiful Nami. Due to Covid-19 protocols, they were standing far apart from each other, masked up obviously.
Before we continue with what Hinata had to tell Nami, let’s do a few background checks and why Nami couldn’t be seen outside with a guy especially at that hour of the night (I know you are angry with this decision I’m taking but regardless we meeoooovvve).

Nami had a very strict dad whose No could never be turned into a Yes. You see that ‘old soldier never dies’ attitude? That was how this man acted as though he fought alongside Napoleon Bonaparte in one of his campaigns. To those who are not familiar with this name, Napoleon was a French-Political and military leader who is one of the most decorated commanders in history. His wars and campaigns are actually studied at military schools worldwide. Okay that’s enough of this boring history lesson. We can’t lose focus kraaa…

Mr. Nagisa was that kind of man who kept her 4 daughters indoors anytime they were home with the fear that boys will prey on his ‘innocent’ daughters. He’s well aware of his notoriety at his younger age and the damage he caused the girls who didn’t know their left from their right. Guys like them knew their way around ladies who appeared “vulnerable”. Ladies who were churchy were always a no-go area for him because he saw them to be ‘Crife’ and did not match his taste since he didn’t see the essence of Christianity. He was from a very wealthy family so hardship was erased from his vocabs.

Rumours had it that life was having its way with his family. Annie, who happens to be the first born was a divorcee and had to flee from her matrimonial home. Her ex-husband was so rough around the edges and was caught severally in their matrimonial bed with other women (girls to be precise). Her only mistake was when she stayed after he physically abused her for the first time. As strict as Mr. Nagisa was, he never laid hands on his daughter. ‘You actually slapped me Ben!!?’ with a black and swollen eye, Annie walked out on him crying her lungs out. ‘Come back here woman because we are not done talking,’ were the words that came out from Ben’s mouth. Annie threatened to report him to his dad though she didn’t have balls of steel but Ben apologized not to repeat that again. After that incident, he behaved very well and spent more time with his wife and this actually convinced Annie that Ben was now a changed man. What did Jesus say about wolves who appear in sheep clothing? You actually need a discerning spirit to strip that cloth off.

After 3 weeks, Ben went back to his old self and this time around, his intake of alcohol had sky rocketed to Neil Armstrong’s thoughts (eeermmm) and that was the turning point of the continuous abuse. Her sleepless nights were too much to handle so she had to run back home. ‘Commando’ as he was mockingly nicknamed by the town folks because of how he policed his daughters was awoken by 4 loud bangs on his front door. Checking the time made him furious and cuss under his breath. ‘Who is knocking at this time of the night?’ he asked himself. He saw a notification blink on his phone indicating a message. The message read, ‘daddy please I will be coming home soon.’ At that moment he had missed 6 of her calls.

Still fuming, he sluggishly dragged himself out of bed and went to open the door. The figure which stood in front of him gave him the chills, and there was a long pause of silence. The only thing that could be heard was Annie’s slow but erratic inhalation. He lifted her bag from the floor and helped her inside without saying a word. I guess you all must be wondering where Nami’s mom and 2 sisters are.

“Half of the properties are now in your possession; the court will ensure all documentations are made and what belongs to you is handed over”. This was the final rule passed by the judge to Mrs Nagisa 4 years ago after her divorce to Mr. Nagisa. Mrs. Nagisa moved to the States with the other 2 girls and paid a visit to Annie and Nami anytime she came down to do business which was mostly 2 or 3 times in a year. Likewise, Nami also got to visit them every summer so distance was not really a problem. Annie slammed herself in her bed, took in a deep breath and called her mom, when she picked up these were the words that came out of her mouth, ‘Mummy, I can’t continue this marriage….’ Then she broke down in uncontrollable tears unleashed from ten thousand emotions. Her dad heard the cries from his room so he called Nami’s phone who was in the shack with Hinata. Before the call came through, she was besides herself with joy but that smile faded within seconds. Staring at her phone, she knew she had messed up big time and that she needed to cook up some stories to tell her dad.

Mr. Nagisa walked to her room and found it empty. With so many questions in his mind, he called Nami on her phone once again and with no response he sent a voice message asking her to come home that instant… What exactly did Hinata tell Nami? What lies will Nami cook up when she gets home? How will Mrs. Nagisa react to her daughter’s failing marriage? What happens to the Nagisa family? Keep your fingers crossed for the next episode.

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Dear Diary 31: The Youth. Money. Society.

DearDiary31: They Youth. Money. Society. On the recent Kasoa teens and their quest for quick money, a lot of causes are at play. I won’t debunk the numerous concerns raised so far by many, that “sikaduro/blood mobey” being televised/broadcasted on TV/radio contributes to such menace. One comment I read under a post said these ‘killings […]

Dear Diary 31: The Youth. Money. Society.

Did you know?- The Mysteries Of Cloves

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! What’s up guys? So on today’s mystery ravel, we look at Cloves and I hope we get to learn things we never knew. This herb was suggested by a good friend of mine, thanks Vanessa. As I share some truths about cloves, I hope we all benefit from it one way or the other. Oh and by the way, I received some good reviews from the Mysteries of sobolo and I must say we thank God for creating such a miraculous herb.

What is Clove?

Cloves are said to be aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae , Syzygium aromaticum. It is Native spice from Indonesia but it is cultivated around the whole world these days. The flower buds initially have a pale hue colour which gradually turns green, then later transitions to a bright red when ready for harvest. Clove is such a small spice but the benefits are so much that we are unaware of them. It is so popular thus gaining the title as “King of Spices”. Containing many nutrients, it is said to birth many benefits.

Benefits of Using Clove

1. Toothache: According to one study, clove oil is very effective in the removal of dental problems. Looking back at two or three years ago when I used to have sleepless nights due to a disturbing toothache, cloves used to work wonders till I no longer felt any pain and I’ve been free from toothache till today. Cloves tend to control pathogens and bacteria in the mouth. In the affected area, give a light massage with clove oil or crush some cloves into a powdery from and apply to the affected area. That’s why cloves are a major ingredient in most toothpaste.

2. Regulates Blood Sugar: Clove extracts have the ability to help control insulin and blood sugar levels in some ways. A study actually shows that, Clove extracts suppressed increased blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetic mice.

3. Relaxation in the respiratory: The aroma of clove oil is so strong that simply sniffing it provides an instant relief in problems like colds, phlegm, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc. In this season of spring especially, most people become allergic to the blooming of flowering plants and in summer it is the dust so get yourself an essential oil and sniff not like cocaine but like essence😂.

4. Cardiovascular Diseases: As powerful as clove is, it has the ability to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes and this is because it contains a powerful phytonutrients that protect the body from these problems.

5. Cancer: Just like Rosemary, the medicinal properties of cloves prevent tumors from growing and eliminate cancer cells. Clove is a great source of antioxidants, which protect us from inflammation and cancer. (study)

6. Clove is an excellent natural painkiller used for reducing pain. Eugenol oil which is present in it is very beneficial in relieving toothache just as I said earlier. It has an antibacterial property due to which is now used in making various types of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and creams. Instead of taking paracetamol, I’d advice to take clove tea when you have migraines or any form of headache.

7. Clove is an effective stress reliever for us. To relive some stress, drink some clove tea.

8. Boost immunity: In this season of Covid-19, one of the most important things to do is to boost your immune system. Due to its antiviral properties and its ability to purify the blood, it prevents many diseases. Apart from this, cloves are also found to have antioxidants that work to remove free radicals from the body.

9. Acne and Pimple: Appearance is very important you know and a clear skin gives you confidence in public(not everyone though). The antibacterial properties of clove extracts are helpful in reducing skin problems and preventing infection. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties present in cloves help to reduce the inflammation of pimples present in the skin. Apply the oil on your face before and after sleep. If possible drink the tea as well.

10. Healthy Liver: Cloves have high amounts of antioxidants. Due to their presence, the medicinal properties of cloves protect the liver from free radicals.

11. Don’t forget to add some cloves to your meals when cooking. It’s one of the nice spices you can get in the market


  • You can gargle by mixing one teaspoon of clove powder in a glass of warm water.
  • If you have a cough, chew it well by placing 2-3 cloves in the mouth.
  • Grind 2 cloves and take it with one spoon of honey. It is beneficial in killing stomach worms.
  • For asthma, take some amount of clove oil and massage it on the chest, throat and the area near the nose.

Here’s how you can make clove tea:

1.    Grind 1 tablespoon of whole cloves. 
2.    In a pan, add a cup of water, then add the cloves and bring it to boil.
3.    Let it steep for 3-4 minutes.
4.    Let it cool, strain, and serve.

If you want, you can mix a teaspoon of honey to make your tea sweeter. Drink this tea early in the morning for maximum benefits. Make sure you do not go overboard with the concoction. Remember, excess of anything may wreak havoc on your health. 

Source: Wikipedia, Pinterest and pranayama

© Micky Amankwah 2021


Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! I believe you are all doing perfectly well and not croaking to this shitty Corona Virus wahala. Well, today I am here to highlight some few nice and life transforming Christian movies you probably have watched or haven’t even heard about before. Let’s dive straight into the movies and mind you, it’s in no particular order. Wish I could rank them though but since they all carried specific messages, I reserve my ranking to myself.


This is one of the movies I watched and shed premium tears. I just couldn’t hold back the tears by watching a man who was ridiculed because of his faith and the fact that he refused to touch a gun and also work on a Saturday. Though that seemed impossible in the barracks, Desmond Doss’ heart was convicted with his faith to the point of no return. The man who was ridiculed and bullied by his mates and his superior was the one who saved them in the end. One of the greatest things I learnt from this movie was, God wants to use all of us in our various fields but the question is, how available are we to be used? To those who are being used by God, don’t settle for less. Mantra from this movie, ‘LORD ONE MORE’


When faced with a life, death and disgraceful situation, are we gong to deny the maker we serve or we are going to say, ‘I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I that live but Christ that lives in us…’ This movie was highlighted in one word and that’s Conviction. Without a good sense of conviction, no matter what happens, this movie teaches us that a time will come in one’s life when you are going to be tried and tested against what or who you believe in. When that time comes, will you be able to say, ‘I know whom I have believed and I am persuaded…’ Think about this…

ABEJOYE- The King Maker

Looking for a short Christian series that can crack you up to the point of laughing your lungs out and also teaching you life beckoning lessons, Abejoye is the best one for you. This series showed us(those who have watched and those who reviewed on twitter) that God is the business of saving anyone and making them a force to reckon. It doesn’t matter your past or your flaws, God can still save you and place His power on you if you maintain that constant relationship with Him. Abejoye’s honest and sincere heart gave him access to God’s power to win more souls for the Kingdom. It s on youtube.


This is a movie we all watched whiles growing up obviously and it practically showed us half of what Jesus went through in the things we read in Bible. Half because reading the Bible ‘critically’ will make you see that most of the things were not so accurate especially when we were told His face was disfigured so much that He couldn’t be recognized, but in the movie, that wasn’t the case. Anyways, it was a… not sure whether to say a good or bad movie but I can boldly say it was one sad movie watching Christ’s crucifixion and the demise He had to face. If you didn’t cry whiles watching it, more grace to you.


Just as the name of this movie goes, it shows us that you can be in Church holding a microphone and still miss heaven when rapture comes. The scariest part was when the pilot was raptured and squad were still in the air. Not a funny sight to behold but I’m farsighted so I can behold(no pun intended). Most often we think because we were born in the church, that makes us born again but, you are not a car because you were born in the garage. Don’t forget that it’s possible to lose your salvation which many have strayed away from this path in these last days. It’s better to know Christ now and find out it was false in the end than not know Him and realize it was true in the end. Accept Him into your life now. God bless you.


Watching war room gave me the chills honestly. I don’t know what it is with women who are passionate with the things of God but they get my attention so easily. Just as Queen Esther got the attention of King Ahasuerus after fasting and prayers to the point of him giving out half of his Kingdom to her, that’s how it is for me but Kingdom node3 hmmmm. On the verge of having her marriage and home collapse, she sacrificed her fancy closet and turned that room into a prayer closet hence the name war room. Never underestimate the power of a praying wife. I will share a thread of how a prayerful wife turned her struggling home upside down into a sign and a wonder soon. Prayer can never be underestimated in any way.


Our nature is made in a way that our emotions can override our belief systems depending on how we handle them, but God is ever ready to make us feel better at all times. The multimillion question is, are you ready to submit to the Holy Spirit so he can prune you and mould you to a better version of you? Can you still trust God when your child is murdered for no reason? Will you ask whether God is alive or not? As believers, there’s an understanding about God we all need to come to and that’s what will nurture that unshakeable conviction we desire.


Breakthrough was a faith shaking and faith breaking movie that shakes the core of ones faith. There comes a time when a situation in your life will let people give up on you and that doesn’t make them bad people but it’s the situation at hand. Watching this mother hold unto her faith when all others had given up on her son made me understand that no matter how ugly a situation looks, God can make all things possible as long as you hold unto Him. Just as the description of the movie says, ‘based on the impossible true story.’ In the eyes of man certain situations look absolutely impossible but with God all things are possible. Trapped under a frozen lake for more than 15mins is not enough for a mother to trust God to bring her dead son back to life. Your situation is not difficult for God so never lose your faith no matter what other people say about it.

Thank you for reading till this point and I believe something in you has shifted. Share with me any life transforming movie you’ve watched that changed your perspective about how you see things now. Don’t forget to share with your friends and loved ones. Also, tell me which of the movies listed above did you enjoy watching.

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